5 Home Improvement Projects to Save You Time


Everyone loves a beautiful house, but home improvement isn’t just about making the place look good. When you put time and money into updating your home, those changes should also make your life simpler. If you want to free up more time for family, fun, and self-care, try these five upgrades you can do yourself.

1. Create a Device Charging Station

If you hate running around looking for the right charging cable for each device, you can save time and frustration by storing them all in one convenient charging dock. You can build a beautiful DIY dock that hides cables and organizes devices, or ditch the cords entirely with a wireless charging pad — just make sure your devices are compatible first.

2. Install LED Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs got a lot of attention when they first hit the scene to displace incandescent lighting. With bulbs that last more than five times as long and use 75 percent less energy, who wouldn’t be excited? But today, LED light bulbs are putting CFLs to shame with bulbs that can last a lifetime while consuming minimal energy. And while LED bulbs used to be expensive, today they can be found for under $10. Replace the lights in your house with these and you’ll never have to worry about a burnt-out bulb again.

3. Replace Your Lawn With Low-Maintenance Ground Cover

Stop mowing the lawn when you swap grass for a low-maintenance ground cover, like these gorgeous options from High Country Gardens. Plants like miniature brass buttons, rupture wort, woolly thyme, Irish moss, and chamomile form low-growing mats that are comfortable underfoot. If you can’t bear to part with the feel of grass, consider planting a lawn with low-growing clover or dwarf mondo grass, an evergreen perennial that grows 2 to 4 inches high. Many of these plants are also drought-tolerant, so you can reduce your water bill and conserve resources too.

4. Redecorate with High-Gloss Paint

No matter how careful you are, splashes on kitchen and bathroom walls are inevitable. And if they’re painted with flat or matte paint, you can’t clean the grime off without taking paint with you. Repaint kitchen and bathroom walls with high-gloss or semi-gloss paint for a hard, durable finish that’s easy to wipe clean.

5. Buy a Robotic Vacuum

Tired of coming home after a long day of work only to have a list of chores to complete? Make that list one item shorter by replacing your vacuum with a robotic model. While most people are familiar with the Roomba, there are a wide variety of options that range from around $200 up to $1,000. Purchase a Wi-Fi capable model so you can program and control it from your smartphone, or use Tom’s Guide to choose one that sucks up pet hair with ease. Don’t have carpets? You’re covered for hard flooring as well, thanks to robotic sweeping and mopping tools.


These upgrades are great for saving time on routine and occasional tasks around the house. Your time is valuable. As you consider ways to improve your home, think about which projects will not just add beauty and function to your home, but also make life a little bit easier.


Thanks to Gene Williams at DIYDad.info for this article. Gene has completed various DIY projects on large and small scales over the last two decades and loves to share his knowledge with others. Please visit his website for more information.